Another month, another blog post! Riley is 10 months old this week, which means that in only TWO MORE MONTHS we will celebrate his first birthday!

New developments in Riley's world: clapping and waving. He discovered how to do both this past week and has been getting in a lot of practice. He's also getting very close to cutting his fifth tooth (on top), and he's a bit of a grump with the whole teething thing. He enjoys using those teeth to gnaw on foods like whole wheat waffles and toast (I just hand him the whole thing), and he loves the ground venison and vegetable soup I made this week. I mean, he will eat ANYTHING. We've been applying the principles we learned from Karen Le Billon's book French Kids Eat Everything, and it's interesting to see the stark contrast between Riley's and Liam's eating habits.

Riley still doesn't have much interest in crawling, but he does LOVE to stand up. I, on the other hand, am a little torn. I mean, once he's mobile, he'll never stop moving, and I'll have two very active boys on the move. But...I can't wait to see him learn! I know it will be a glorious moment. 

Oh, and in case you were wondering, his hair still won't lay down.

New developments in Liam's world: Liam is talking more and more in complete sentences! It's amazing the information he absorbs every day. Our new exciting adventure is checking out books at the library, and we spend a lot of time reading because he will actually sit and listen to them being read. His manners have also improved; he understands the proper way to ask for something is to say, "Mommy, please can I have...?" And often he'll say "thank you" without prompting. He now understands and follows the rule that he must try at least one bite of everything on his plate, which has helped his picky eating.

We also encountered another new thing a few days ago. One night, as Kelley and I were dozing off at bedtime, we hear the sudden rush of footsteps, and our door flew open. My heart stopped, and I screamed, it startled me so bad! There stood Liam, his bear dangling from his hand and a huge grin on his face. "Hi, Mommy!" He said. It was cute at first, but this continued for several nights and mornings. The thought of Liam wandering our home when we're asleep or at least don't realize it doesn't sit well with us for safety reasons, so we've been retraining him to stay in his room until we come get him. Thankfully, he's a fast learner! I'm ready for our nights to be a little more restful.

Hope you all have a great weekend!