I'm a little late in posting these photos I took of Riley last week, when he hit his nine-month milestone. Happy nine months, Rileybug!

At Riley's checkup last week, he weighed 18 1/2 pounds (25th percentile) and is over 28 inches tall (60th percentile). He had to get two shots, and Liam hid in a corner so he wouldn't have to get them, too. (I can't blame him; I did the same thing when I was his age.)

This boy eats EVERYTHING! There's not one food he hasn't wanted to devour using his four little teeth. He's mostly eating finger foods now, which is something Liam didn't enjoy as much because he didn't like getting his hands dirty. NOT RILEY. One of his favorite things to do is mash his food in his fist until it oozes out between his fingers!

He says mama, dada, owl, yum, hi, and an assortment of strung together syllables, along with a few animal sounds: monkey, owl, and lion. He'll also do his best to mimic our sounds. He hasn't quite figured out how to crawl or pull up on furniture yet, but Riley does love to stand up holding on to something (until he lets go and slowly topples over).

A new challenge: Liam likes to walk up to Riley while he's sitting down and push him backwards. Or take his toy and place it JUST out of Riley's reach. He's turning into a full-fledged big brother! But he does make the cutest little photobomber...