My best friend's twin girls just celebrated their first birthday this past weekend, and I had the extreme honor of documenting their big day! Oh. My. Word. Can I just tell you how much I love these two little darlings? And their mommy did an incredible job with the party: a girlie milk and cookies theme, "Because some things are just better together." Adorable, right?

Amy came over today to pick up her photos on CD and stayed for a mini playdate. Maci and my little Riley really took to one another: Maci was patting his shoulder and poking him in the eye and just couldn't quite sit close enough to him as they played. Meanwhile, Liam played big brother to Claire, showing her toys and then snatching them away (we're working on that!), and crawling around after her. I love that our littles will grow up together!

Here are my favorites from the party: