Riley // 3 months

Riley is three months old today! At his checkup Friday, he was 12 pounds 7 ounces, 24 inches long. He's down to the 20th percentile, so I'm realizing I must come to terms with the reality that both of my boys are going to be long and lean, just like their daddy. No chubby babies for this girl!

He's talking so much now, and he seems so proud of himself. Mostly he's a laid back baby, and he loves watching his older brother play. I love watching them become more and more aware of each other! He's eating every three hours now, instead of two and a half, and that extra half hour makes a big difference. And his hair still sticks straight up. :)

He has started not napping well during the day, and I haven't quite figured out if it's just a growth spurt or if he is already ready for cereals. (Liam had to start them about 3 1/2 months.) Is it a universal thing that boys just eat all the time?