Happy birthday, Liam!

This weekend we celebrated Liam's second birthday with a Curious George party. And by that, I mean I made monkey cupcakes and put a couple of character stuffed animals on the table. Ha! It was very low key, but having some of Liam's very special friends and family there made it a wonderful day.

I keep saying this, but I can't believe our Liam is two! I'm a little emotional about it, actually. He seems so grown up that my heart is just brimming with pride at the little man he's becoming. What a sweetie!

His GQ pose. He's so handsome!

He blew out his own candle.

Icing goatee.

Spitting image.

Liam wanted to give Riley a kiss. Riley wasn't having it.

First real family photo! (The iPhone photo from the hospital the day of Riley's birth doesn't really count.)

Important Liam stats:

Vitals: At his checkup Friday, he weighed 23.75 pounds and is 34 inches tall. He also had to get a shot on his birthday! Poor guy.

What he eats: Ehhhh...We're working on the food department. For now, the only go-to foods I can count on are whole grain waffles and oatmeal. He usually eats a big breakfast and not much else the rest of the day. He does love oatmeal cookies, though. I usually whip up a batch every week. At least they have some redeeming qualities, right?

What he likes: He's getting to be really into horses. We pass by a pasture near our house, and he yells out, "Hi, neigh!" (He calls animals by the sound they make.) Every time we pick him up from the church nursery, he's walking around with a toy horse in each hand. He also likes naps! In fact, if I haven't put him down for a nap when he gets tired, he'll say, "Nap nap," and go stand by his bed. He loves to hug and kiss, especially his baby brother.

What he's learning: He's learning to count, and his speech is getting a lot better. He has learned how to stretch and "exercise" with me. We play Ring Around the Rosie around the dining room table. He's also starting to be able to open doors now that he can reach doorknobs. This will be interesting!

What he's saying: "Where ARE you, fish/daddy/bear, etc.?" "Where'd bear go?" "Call Laney, please?" "Oh, gosh!" "Ohhh, cool!" "Aunt Amy coming?" and a whole host of new words. He has started repeating what we say, so we're learning how to keep a tight rein on our tongues!

This is such a fun age! I'm looking forward to the terrific twos!