Nostalgia: Liam's first birthday

This just in: I will be the proud mama of a two-year-old in just a week and a half. How did this happen? As I'm planning his Curious George birthday party, I can't help but think back to this time last year. I just realized I never posted photos of his western first birthday party, so here's a look back:

Photos courtesy of Callie Combs Photography

Our menu included haystacks, hay bales (Rice Krispie treat bites), coop bites (chicken nuggets), wild hogs (pigs in a blanket), peanuts, and s'mores cupcakes, all served in either cast iron skillets, wooden crates or aluminum pans. 

At our "watering hole," we had water, lemonade and sweet tea, served in mason jars with brown and white striped straws.

For party favors, we sent guests home with bags of homemade trail mix.

All signs were made out of cardboard, and I used burlap, rope and raffia to make the other decorations.

We had a professional photographer take photos of each family with props: cowboy hats, mustaches, bandanas and sheriff badges.

A game of horseshoes was set up in the back yard.

This year will be VERY low-key (that's what happens when you've just had a baby), but I can only hope it's as fun as last year's party was!