Riley // one month

Riley is a month old! Did I really just say that? How is it that a month has passed since we were speeding to the hospital, flashers flashing, praying Riley would hold out until we were surrounded by medical professionals? This month has felt like only a couple of days, but Riley has already grown so much…too fast, if you ask me! Tomorrow is his one-month checkup, and I’m excited to see how he’s progressed.

It’s been a little overwhelming adjusting to having two children under the age of 2. Going to the grocery store is a major event, and I’m still getting the hang of breastfeeding Riley while keeping an eye on my ever-on-the-run Liam. Dealing with the baby blues this time has been a new experience for me. And when Liam sees his daddy or me holding Riley, he runs over, raises his arms, and says “Up!” A little jealous, perhaps? I try not to let it break my heart. :)

I'm a little more flexible this time around. Riley has severe reflux just like Liam did, and I'm a little more prepared for how to deal with it. We didn't hesitate to seek medical attention to give him some relief, and he is also comforted by a pacifier: two things we put off with Liam out of fear that he'd become addicted to a pacifier or that taking a prescription would mess him up permanently somehow. I read Baby Wise when I was pregnant with Liam, which was a lifesaver, but I followed the principles to the point where I was a slave to them (I didn't know any better); this time I am making them work for us. Having a good routine works for our benefit rather than tying us down. If you are expecting a little one, I would highly recommend that book!

I’ve definitely had to adjust my expectations for what life looks like right now. Our pace has slowed a bit, and I’m learning to embrace restful pajama-and-movie days. I know this phase won’t last for long, and soon I’ll be chasing both boys around at full speed, so for now, I’m learning to take it easy and enjoy all the snuggles and naps.

I thought taking pictures of a toddler was a workout, but I didn’t realize how difficult it would be getting good, sharp photos of a wriggly newborn! The dark, rainy weather this weekend didn't help, so I will be trying again soon when I can take advantage of more natural light. Here's what I got for now: