The 39-week mark is here! Only one more week until Riley's due date, and I'm starting to wonder if he's holding out on me. He's proving wrong our suspicions that he would arrive early. I guess since God blessed us with Riley in His perfect timing, it's only fitting that we welcome him into the world in God's timing, too. Yet another lesson I'm learning in letting go of control and being patient. But between you and me, I am still eating spicy foods, just in case!

Switching hospitals didn't work out, but my regular OB is on vacation this week, so we may end up with a different doctor after all. I just have to believe that every detail is being divinely taken care of. I am still planning another Hypnobirth and focusing on a smooth, drama-free labor. And do you know who else is considering Hypnobirthing? Kate Middleton! She suffered hyperemesis gravidarum as well, something I've had in both pregnancies. Man, it's somewhat exhausting being copied by royalty. And also kind of flattering...

I've been doing a LOT of resting. My parents are keeping our firstborn so we both can get some rest, and so my husband can catch up on his projects around the house. He's been so good about taking over for me when he gets home that he has pushed his to-do list aside. But as of today, he's put a fresh coat of paint on our front porch railing, our kitchen, and some accessories in the nursery. Not to mention our yard is immaculate! I believe he's nesting more than I am.

We'll have to do some before and after pictures of the kitchen, formerly tan and now a silvery grey, once we accessorize a bit. And the nursery still isn't ready for a big reveal, but here's a sneak peak:

We're going with a woodland/forest friends theme for Riley's nursery: a lot of neutrals with pops of emerald green and pumpkin orange. The green we used for the nightstand is Behr Happy Camper.

We found the lantern lamp on sale at Pottery Barn Kids this weekend! 

There's still a lot to be done, so this will be a work in progress, but I'm having so much fun getting inspired! Here are a few pieces of inspiration I've found:

This was my inspiration for Riley's nightstand, and I love the way the frames are arranged over the crib! See it here.

Wouldn't this tree stump cushion be so cute?

And how about this clock?

I love the idea of slicing up a tree trunk for the walls.

I will say this: as grateful as I am for my parents helping out with Liam, our house feels so empty without him here. I'm so thankful for the rest, but Liam leaves such a big hole! Ready to meet Riley and have both my boys back in the house!