Liam Lately...

Happy 18 months, Liam!

I’m sitting in my room drinking (decaf) coffee, and I can hear Liam in the kitchen during his playpen time talking on a pretend phone (a truck, clapper instrument, toy remote, or just his hand—anything is a phone these days!). This is his conversation:

“Hello? Yeah.

Huh? Oh, yeah yeah yeah.

Ooooh! Yeah yeah."

*babbles through a question*

*laughs hysterically*

"Huh? Oh, yeah yeah yeah."

*laughs and babbles some more*

"Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Bye. Bye……..Bye." 

Gosh, I wonder who he is talking to, and what in the world they are talking about!

It seems like just last week we were celebrating at Liam’s first birthday party, but yesterday we were at his 18-month checkup…where does the time go? He is growing up so fast that it’s becoming harder to keep up with all the changes, so here is a snapshot of Liam lately: 

Stats: 21 lbs, 1 oz (he’s jumped from the 2nd percentile to the 13th!), 32.5 in. tall, staying consistently in the 60th percentile. (He’s built like his daddy!) 

Total teeth count: 12. He just got six teeth in the past six weeks, including four molars. 

Favorite character: Curious George. (“There’s that monkey!” is one of his current phrases.)

A close second: Elmo. My mom introduced them. (He calls him “Melmo.”) 

Favorite foods: breakfast! Muffins, multigrain waffles, whole wheat cheese toast, oatmeal, bananas, pancakes, and Greek yogurt (“Go gur”). He’s going through a picky phase, but I can always count on him to enjoy breakfast foods. He also loves Chick Fil A nuggets. (Who doesn’t?) I’ve started making fruit and veggie smoothies with yogurt and multigrain cereal to fill in the gaps in his diet. 

What he’s saying: Mama, Daddy, Pawpaw, Laney, Rudy (his uncle), bye, hello, bubbles, yogurt, water, waffles, banana, thank you, more, ball, baby, yeah, Elmo, oatmeal, bear, squirrel, blue. And some phrases: “Bye, love you,” “There it is!” “Go go go,” “Clean up, clean up” 
What he’s signing: All done, more, thank you. (We’re still working on “please.”) 

Current obsession: dogs. He barks any time he sees a real dog, a picture of a dog, a stuffed dog, or even hears the word dog. The boy needs a puppy! 

Random: He does a mean downward dog, and he loves to “swim” in the bathtub (he glides on his stomach from one end to the other). No matter where he is or what he’s doing, the second he hears the garage door open in the evenings, he drops whatever’s in his hand, straightens up, and says “Daddy!” Then, he runs through the house to the basement door and stands there until his daddy comes up the steps. It’s adorable watching those two together!

What a fun age! Of course I think my son is the cutest in the world, and he’s got such a dynamic personality (which I think he gets from his mommy!). He’s definitely a flirt and a charmer and rarely has a shy moment. I can’t wait to see how he grows over the next six months and how he embraces life as a big brother.