Happy Resurrection Day!

Today changes everything.

It is the single most profound, important day for mankind. It changed the course of history. It changed the direction of my life and yours.

The cross is the common symbol for Christianity, and rightly so. At the cross, the work of Jesus was finished. He bore our sickness, our sorrows, our pain, our sin and shame so we would no longer have to carry it.

But that's not where the story ended. And there is an empty tomb to prove it.
"Because I live, you also will live." —Jesus (John 14:19)

This was the theme verse today at our church's Easter service. I love that this day isn't just about the fact that Jesus lives. That in itself is a glorious truth that makes my heart sing. But he didn't just do it for his own glory. He lives so that we can live. I mean, really live. Be fully alive and present, not weighed down by the cares of this world, but as overcomers, victors. Co-heirs in an eternal kingdom. 

Is there a part of you that needs to come alive? Lost hopes or dreams that you've silenced or buried under a mountain of stress and worldly burdens? Let Jesus breathe his new life into you!

Happy Resurrection Day!