The only eye shadow you'll ever need.

It's one of those actions I will forever wish I could take back.

This past week while still sleepily getting ready for work, I dropped my Benefit Get Figgy creaseless cream eye shadow on my bathroom floor, and the tiny glass pod shattered, ruining the eye shadow. I was devastated, not only because it still had tons of life left in it, or because it was $20 down the drain, but because that little figgy pod has revolutionized my countenance. (I'm being dramatic of course, but you should see my eyelids in this pale plum shade!)

Actually, it was my mom's $20 (even more bothersome), since she treated me to the eye shadow (we are always trading beauty products), and thankfully, I was able to replace it last night. But the experience of course has led me to a blog post about my beloved beauty find.

This is my growing collection from top left: Get Figgy is exactly what it says, a nice fig-colored shade. Strut, a sulty gray, is my go-to for a smoky eye. R.S.V.P is a champagne tint that goes smashing with some charcoal eyeliner. Skinny Jeans is a glassy pewter which is also nice for a more subtle smoky eye. I not only use Busy Signal, a coppery-brown, as a nice neutral shade to cover the lid, but I also apply it in the crease of my eyelid using a contour brush to complement a neutral shade like Birthday Suit (exactly what it sounds like).

I still have my eye on a few of the remaining available shades. It is expensive, considering you get one shade for $19 plus tax, but seriously, this is the only eye shadow you will ever need. It totally lives up to its name and absolutely refuses to crease, even if you leave it on all day. It's not heavy or thick, and since it's a cream you don't risk having powder shadow all over your eyelashes or, heaven forbid, make its way into your contacts. (That's a nightmare, trust me.)

The colors are so vibrant that it only takes a smidgen of shadow to cover your entire eyelid, so (providing you don't drop the pod like I did, and you keep the lid closed tightly so it doesn't dry out) the shadow lasts for a really long time. You definitely get your money's worth out of these.

I haven't tried any of Benefit's other products except for the High Beam highlighter, which is also amazing for the cheekbones and browbones. But these shadows are exclusively the apple of my eye.

So head to or the Benefit Cosmetics counter at Belk, Sephora or Ulta, and test these out. Then tell me what you think!