You might be a tired mom if...

you pour coffee grounds into your coffee cup instead of the coffeemaker.

you try to take a sip of your baby's bottle thinking it's your coffee cup.

you finish feeding your baby a bottle and then try to put the bottle top on her head instead of the actual bottle.

you get all three kids loaded into the car and start to back out of the driveway when your oldest shouts, "Mommy, you forgot to buckle me!"

you get all three kids loaded into the car, back out of the driveway, and completely forget where you were going.

you back out of your garage without closing your driver's side door.

you attempt to text your four-year-old, who is in another room of the house, who doesn't have a cell phone, and who can't read.

you walk all over the house looking for your cell phone while talking to your husband...on your cell phone.

you walk all over the house frantically looking for your baby because you forgot where you put her down before you realize that you've passed by her sitting in her bouncy seat twice already.

you turn down the volume of the radio in your car because you're cold; meanwhile, the air conditioning is still on full blast.

you get your infant completely dressed before realizing you forgot to put a diaper on her.

when your pediatrician asks for "birthdate," and you give him yours instead of your son's. Oh, you mean, the birthdate of your ACTUAL patient?

you forget that you've already put your contacts in and all of a sudden think your eyesight has been miraculously restored.

you stare blankly at your deodorant stick trying to remember what you're supposed to do with it. Am I trying to brush my teeth right now? Is this shampoo? WHAT IS LIFE?

someone asks you for your phone number and you stare at them like they just spoke in German. It's like you're trying to speak to me.

you try to take your kids' gummy vitamin to ease a headache.

your four-year-old asks you around 2 p.m. why you have real clothes on, like it's something he hasn't seen before.

your idea of a good date night is parking somewhere and taking a nap in your car.

you sometimes can't remember how many kids you actually have, or their names. How did all these little tiny people get in my house and WHERE IS THEIR MOTHER?

you walk out of the grocery store and start to panic because you think you left your baby in the car the whole time, when in reality she is at home with Daddy.


It's a wonder we all make it through the day alive sometimes! Ladies, what's something else you could add to this list?