Approaching third

Hey, friends! It's a beautifully sunny, warm day outside (that I'm enjoying from inside my house because ALLERGIES), and I'm feeling particularly chatty this afternoon, so I figured it was time for an update on the happenings around our home. Prepare for random...

The bump

It's hard to believe I only have one week left until my third trimester, partly because I have actually been able to have a proper second trimester this pregnancy. With my first two kids, I was sick most of the time, and additionally with my second, I suffered from terrible sciatica, Braxton-Hicks contractions starting at 16(!) weeks, and pre-term labor in the second trimester, so those pregnancies were all about survival for me. It was almost enough to make me give up on birthing babies altogether...almost.

But this pregnancy has been all about intentionality for me. It is my last, so I've purposed to make the most of it and enjoy every moment that I can. First, my husband and I decided to join a gym, and I've been consistently going four times a week. It has been such a God-send! Trying to work out at home with two littles who insisted on deciding to wait until I'd popped in a workout video to ransack the house or becoming clingy was making it impossible to stay active. And when they sleep, I'd sleep! So, along came the gym. The drive and the monthly fee does stretch us, but it's been absolutely worth it. With our gym membership, I can let the boys enjoy the upbeat daycare for up to three hours a day (I have yet to make it that long) while I exercise and actually get to shower (because, that never happens at home until late at night or MAYBE at a naptime), or even just sit for a few minutes and be still. Or read! My oldest gets to go in the gymnasium or outside to the playground with other kids his age, or most recently, to our Mommy and Me swim class. It's a magical place. There's something very therapeutic for me about going to a gym. It's not only been soooo good for my health, my energy level, and my pregnancy (and hello! Getting me ready for labor and a hopefully speedier recovery), but it's been good for the soul, too—my emotional and mental health.

Today, for example: After three weeks of the boys passing sinus infection after ear infection back and forth like a ping-pong match, then passing it to my husband and me—which has meant three weeks with very little sleep for any of us—I attended a total body toning class. Then, I took my time in the shower, using the gym's shampoo/conditioner/body wash by the buckets full (well, because let's face it, there's more square feet to cover now at 27 weeks pregnant). And I just stood there for an extra few minutes, using all the hot water I wanted. It's the small things, really.

Oh, and I'm also going to a chiropractor this pregnancy, which has helped drastically with the sciatica that I've had this time around. I attended weekly chiropractic visits with my first pregnancy, and I firmly believe chiropractic care contributed to a dreamy labor and delivery (at 38 weeks, even...not the 40+ that I endured with my second). Whatever I'm in for this time, I'm giving myself every chance I can to have the best possible outcome bringing little Eva into the world! I keep telling my husband, So THIS is what a normal pregnancy feels like? I feel so...NORMAL. Like, a normal person who just happens to be toting another human around in her midsection. No big deal. I have actually forgotten that I'm pregnant on several occasions. Folks, that NEVER happened with my other two pregnancies! I mean, if this is what a normal pregnancy feels like, well, then...there's maybe a 1 percent chance I could do another...nah.

Gym shorts

It seems like EVERYTHING is growing around here, not just my baby bump. This morning, I dressed the boys in their gym shorts, t-shirts, and tennis shoes for the gym, and my heart stopped a little when my BABIES turned into REAL BOYS right in front of my eyes! Seriously, there's something about my toddlers wearing athletic clothes that made me tear up (but what doesn't make me tear up these days, honestly?). I couldn't believe how grown up even my little Rileybug, with all his little baby pudge, looked this morning as he ran into the gym right behind his big brother. I know what you more seasoned moms are thinking: that dreaded Just wait! They'll be graduating high school before you know it. Yeah, let's not talk about it. I already think about that every daggum day. But on a lighter note, I'm so excited to see how they will be with a baby sister. Things will inevitably change so much when she's here that I'm intentionally soaking up EVERY SECOND that I can with them, making mental notes and writing these memories on my heart.

Last night after we put the boys to bed, Liam insisted that he had to go potty (again), and at first I just sighed because, you know, I'd already clocked out. But I took him anyway. Turns out, he really just wanted to hold me. It's moments like these where, when my previous response would be exasperation and impatience, I'm relishing because I know he's not always going to ask me to just hold him. So I rocked him in the rocker for a little while with his little head on my shoulder. God, never let it end!


I'm learning a lot recently about my species. You know, gingers. I really always thought it was just another hair color, but it turns out that being a redhead comes with A LOT of responsibility. Like, it changes our whole body chemistry. I'm not even joking. I've learned that redheads tend to have shorter labors (wish I'd known that with the first two, so I could have been prepared!), and we tend to feel more pain than brunettes or blondes. (Which, I don't really understand, because isn't pain relative anyway?) We also don't typically respond to anesthesia (this has been true for me), and BEES are more attracted to redheads than any other hair color. Can you believe that? I knew it wasn't just all in my head (oh, bad choice of words...I guess it IS all in my head) that bees tend to swarm around me more than my friends. They do NOT leave me alone when I'm outdoors. People will tell me that if you don't bother them, they won't bother you. That has never been true for me. Bees seek me out, and they ruin all the fun of being outdoors for me. Have any of my redhead friends experience issues with bees?

Hope you all are having a great week! Anyone have fun weekend plans?