Just a taste.

Happy Friday! Let’s all just take a praise break for the weekend that’s upon us…

Now that Eva is four months old, we have started introducing her to solid foods. She may be the funniest baby we’ve had when it comes to feedings. The faces she makes, the fidgeting, the blowing raspberries and getting food all over us, perching her elbows atop her Bumbo seat like it’s her very own throne—I know I’m biased, but everything she does is funny.

One of the things she likes to do while we’re feeding her is grab hold of her plastic bib and try to chew it. Attack it is more appropriate. She shoves her face into it, and of course smears food all over herself. While I was feeding her this morning, holding her hands down in her lap with my arm, she bent her head low and started licking the excess prune puree that had dripped onto her bib. She was so busy trying to taste the remnants that she didn’t even notice I was holding a spoonful of fresh puree up to her mouth, just waiting for her to take it. Her bib may have tasted good, but it was merely a taste that just left her wanting more.

And isn’t that how we are sometimes when it comes to trusting God? I can become so committed to my definition of a blessed life, which is often based on the world’s standard of blessing, instead of being aware of the gifts the Lord wants to bestow on me. I want life to look a certain way, I long for specific things that I believe would be best for our family—and it keeps me from receiving God’s best, which is infinitely better than the picture I have in my mind.

What I want may taste good, but in the end it won’t satisfy. It’s not what I was created for. But God sees all and knows all. His blessings are based on the whole picture, on His heavenly perspective. He sees how we could grow and be strengthened, He sees the hearts our testimony would minister to, the people who would be touched in the wake of His blessings. He sees how our lives could impact humanity, eternity even.  

That particular lifestyle I want or vacation or material thing or ministry or whatever it is that I’ve had a taste of may be sweet, but my preoccupation with it can be a distraction and prevent me from being open to what God has planned; my tunnel vision can blind me from seeing what He’s placed right in front of me. That’s the last thing I want! From this day forward, may I purpose to keep my head up and my hands open to see and receive His best for me—His good, pleasing, and perfect will.