Thompson, party of five

I'm almost embarrassed to admit that we have not had any family photos taken since Liam was a newborn. (Hey, professional photos are pricey!) But two kids later, the only photo we have of the five of us was taken on my iPhone in the hospital when Eva was born. Not the best!

So when one of my best friends offered to take some current photos for us, I got so excited! She drove the hour to Birmingham on her day off of work to gift us with a low-key mini photo session in our front yard (because that's exactly what I call the kids' attention spans—mini). What a sweetheart! I'm so thankful and happy over how they turned out, especially considering that we woke up Eva out of a sound nap and Riley did NOT want to participate (hence the train photobombs). I think she captured the essence of our family circus quite brilliantly! (We may actually get a Christmas card out this year!)