Flashback Friday

We made it, you guys! It's the end of the week, and the weekend is upon us! (For all of you stay-at-home moms out there, a weekend is two days called Saturday and Sunday on which most people who work outside of the home don't have to go to work. ;) ) I've been prompted to start a new little segment on the blog: my own version of Flashback Friday. But instead of posting nostalgic photos like the Instagram trend, I want to be purposeful in reflecting over the past week and celebrating the positives.

There seems to be this trend among moms to highlight all of the things we are doing wrong and the ways we are failing as moms or our kids are failing at...being kids. (For some reason, I keep expecting them to act like adults.) Our conversations can easily turn into competitions to see who has the goriest war stories. I'd like to reverse that trend. Moms, we should be encouraging one another and celebrating the victories in our lives, not focusing on the negatives! Not because I'm into the whole humblebrag thing, but because life is hard enough without us beating ourselves up for the things we did wrong. It's necessary to celebrate the victories when they come—no matter how insignificant they may seem—because we know the next challenging moment is right around the corner. The victories prove that we are moving forward when in fact we may feel we are taking two steps back. And because that which you think about the most will increase, I want to reflect on the things I did right, so that perhaps I'll get it right a little more often.

So, here are some things I'm thankful for this week, those little moments that I want to celebrate:

  1. I actually managed to sneak in some type of physical activity five days this week, meaning I'm one week closer to fitting back into my pre-pregnancy clothes. Included in my exercise routine was a 40-minute walk wearing Eva in the carrier and pushing both boys in the double jogger. I probably looked ridiculous, but whatever works, amiright?
  2. On Wednesday, all three of my kiddos got baths and had their fingernails trimmed. (Can I get an amen here?) No matter that I couldn't remember the last time they'd actually had baths. :)
  3. Today at lunch, my four-year-old said, "Oh, and mommy, please make sure I have some carrots on my plate." Both of my boys were more excited about their carrots than the frozen pizza I prepared. (I'll admit I was more excited about the pizza.) They've come a long way, those two. It only took serving them carrots on their plate for a whole year for them to actually start liking them!
  4. On Tuesday, I spent ALL DAY at a friend's house, and it was pretty much the best day ever. This is huge for me. Normally, I'm so concerned about getting the boys home for their naps, and I get nervous that Eva won't sleep well when we're out. I'm very much attached to our routine. But miraculously, the boys had a blast with their friends, sans any meltdowns, Eva took all her naps and bottles without a hitch, and I had some much-needed quality time with a dear friend. It was very much the refreshing that we all needed!
  5. I managed to bake homemade chocolate chip oatmeal cookies for my small group without burning any of them! This was on a day where all three of my kids had meltdowns at the same time.
  6. Eva slept ALL night last night, from her bedtime at 7 p.m. until 7 this morning (with a dream feed about 11:15). Seriously, not even a peep the whole night. I pretty much woke up a new woman! (Now if we could get our four-year-old to stop waking up in the night, that would be awesome, too.)
  7. Last night, Liam and Riley gave each other hugs and said they loved each other. Melt my heart!
  8. I've been working on Scripture memory with Liam, choosing verses with the letter of the alphabet we are learning at the time. This morning, I heard Riley randomly say, "Children, obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right." (Oh yeah, you better believe we are pushing that one!) It's amazing how much he picks up on from watching his older brother.
  9. I finished going through all of the boys' cold-weather clothes, cleaning out what doesn't fit anymore, and even giving away two bags of clothes that we didn't need or they had outgrown. It always feels nice to organize something.
  10. Another week down, and we only lost one goldfish.

You know, it's the little things, really. I would LOVE to hear some of your victories this week. Please share in the comments below, and let's cheer each other on!